Integrity Theme

The most versatile theme for SocialEngine PHP (v4.0.0 – 4.8.X)

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SocialEngine theme

We designed and developed Integrity SocialEngine Theme with you in our mind

We gathered all your suggestions over the past year and made Integrity with your suggestions and ideas
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Highlight Features

7 Different Colors
From Integrity’s admin panel you’ll have 7 different color schemes to choose from.

Choose blue for a business related community, Red for a dating community, gamers will also love it. have a community for nature lovers? you got the green color scheme. and ofcourse you’ll have the pink and purple for a girly community!

Need a specific color to match your brand ? order a custom color from us and add it to your SocialEngine site with a single click.

Click on the color variations for full screenshots.

More than 50 options in Admin Panel
We added more than 50 options/settings in Integrity Admin Panel to give you a good amount of control over the theme and customise it how you want it and with more suggestions from you we can add more options.
Drop Down Menu
If you have too many menu items you can now enable a drop down and put the extra menu items in it. You’ll have a more organized menu and your users don’t need to go through a huge list to find the important menu items.

30+ Google Fonts
Don’t like the defualt font we’ve chosen for the template? Now you can change it and choose between 30+ Google Fonts we integrated into the template and all your content will have the new font.
90+ Menu Icons
Choose between 90+ icons for your SocialEngine’s main menu and set the color you want for your icons, you can also set a color for mouse hover and active menu icon.

Responsive Design & Mobile Menu
Now with reponsive design you’ll have a better layout in tablets and mobiles. Integrity theme will detect devices and shows a layout suitable for the screen size of the device. Along with the use of Media Queries Integriy has also a Main Menu designed specifically for mobile devices with a nice sliding animation like Facebook’s mobile App.

In Integrity Theme’s admin panel you can choose to have a 2 column layout or 1 column layout for mobile devices.

Need a better layout for mobile devices ? There’s also a mobile theme included for Official SocialEngine’s Mobi Plugin

Custom CSS Styles
Now you don’t need to be worried about loosing your modifications after upgrading the theme. write your custom styles in Custom CSS section of Integrity’s admin panel and your styles will be intact even after upgrading the theme.
Feature Request & Ideas
We integrated a section in admin panel so all our customers can suggest ideas and request more features for the theme. You can vote and comment on suggestions by others and popular features can be added to the theme in the next version.

Customise your Landing Page
Most of the Landing Page elements are easily customizable from the Admin Panel.

Change images, texts, icons, add Social Network icons, press releases with author logos, show a site screenshot teaser of your community and introduce your site features.

You can even have a different logo and menu in your Landing Page.

Each section is a widget so you can change the order of the sections or you can even add your own widgets between the landing page widgets.

Need more? If you know CSS add your custom styles in the Custom CSS section!

Don’t waste time and start your community with Integrity Theme

Easy setup, Nice design and a lot of admin panel options. Integrity Theme is the ultimate package.
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Other Features

  • Logo’s background color
  • Landing page width
  • Internal pages width
  • 2 Newsfeed styles
  • Mobile/Tablet layout columns ( 2 or 1 )
  • Progress bar like Youtube on top the pages
  • Sticky Mini Menu
  • Transparent Mini Menu
  • Hide/Show Main Menu for non-logged in users
  • Main Menu position ( Top / Left )
  • Drop down menu
  • Main Menu Icon color
  • Main Menu icon choosing for all your plugins
  • Optional ‘Go To Top’ button
  • Compatible with SocialEngine PHP v4.0.0 – 4.8.X
  • Compatible with SocialEngine’s Translation System
  • Compatible with all standard coded 3rd party plugins
  • Super easy installation with a few clicks
  • Leverages caching to reduce database queries
  • Enhanced UI for official Social Engine plugins
  • Responsive Design, Highly compatible with all screen resolutions
  • Optimized for IPad and other tablets
  • Instant Download
  • Free 60 days support
  • Free product upgrade downloads
  • Easy custom color ordering
  • Mobile theme for Official SocialEngine’s Mobi Plugin
Please note that this product is a SocialEngine PHP (v4) and we do not provide our .PSD files to the customers. All files of the theme are open source and editable. You’re able to customize/modify the theme files, except the license verification files or contact us for a customization service.

Free support is limited to your purchased product from us and possible related issues you may have in our product with SocialEngine and Official SocialEngine Plugins. Your purchased product from us should not be edited or modified by you or a 3rd party to be eligible for free support.

Custom modification requests of the products are not included in our support coverage or the product’s sale price. Custom modifications will be reviewed by us and may get accepted based on the budget and our availability.
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