Integrity Theme 2.0 for SocialEngine PHP is now released and available for download from your account.

SocialEngine just released a new version (4.8.6) and there’s a new feature added to signup and login forms to prevent spam bots and Integrity’s login modal box on the landing page was not compatible with this feature thus the login box was not working. we added compatibility with the anti spam feature in this release and the login box is now working with the latest SocialEngine release.

How to upgrade to the latest version ?

Upgrading is same as Installing the theme, download both Integrity and seTweaks Core packages from your account and perform the upgrade just like the installation. There is also installation guide in your account.

If you see any issues feel free to submit a support ticket and and if you have any questions you can contact us via the Question Widget in our site or post a comment below.

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  • gabry

    One question please … we have the search in the header …normally because the theme is responsive when we make the browser smaller the search should transform in a button so you can open it when you need … but in this case the search is dissapearing for good when you make the browser smaller …is this normal ?

    • The search bar is in the mini menu in larger screens ( desktops ) and it moves to the sliding main menu in smaller screens ( mobile devices ).

      • gabry

        Ok tks for confirmation …i thought is a samll bug …good luck and keep up the good jobs that you are doing