The creation of social sites or networks is not reserved to specialists in computer programming anymore. Several online services now allow novices to create online communities, social networks, and collaborative working groups. They are based on the features offered by Facebook or Twitter for example. The goal of customized social networks is to meet different objectives: marketing, productivity gains, through the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Image : Integrity Theme for SocialEngine Platform

Why social network for your business?

There’s one hassle-free way to upgrade from the break-room bulletin board and customer email lists – your business can take advantage of a customized social network. Something very Facebook-like. “Why not Facebook itself?”, you ask. Of course, but the clash of business and personal communications could leave vacation photos mingling with company news, and ultimately turn out to be less efficient and unfruitful. Instead, you could turn to a social network platform to make your own customized network. SocialEngine Platform provides a fully secure network and offers a wide array of customization tools that can make your site behave almost the way you want it to.

Step 1. Scan through your contacts for your network.

So you want to build a social network of business associates, or a network of volunteers for your NGO, bet that as it may, whatever the venture, the first step in creating any network is to make a list of the right people. Once you have the people in mind, organize them in a hierarchical way. Decide on moderators and privileges for each individual.

Once you’re done doing that import them on to your SocialEngine site to put your organization into place.

Step 2. Create/Customize your profile

Social Engine provides a range of customizable features to present your credentials in an effective manner. Getting to know associates with a single click was never this easy. Once you and your associates are done creating profiles, the usual chat features are extensively present in SocialEngine. To add to this, each profile has an active feed that keeps connections updated all the time.

Step 3. Keep the place happening.

The only thing that’s left would now be to get some productivity out of the network that you just put together. Post frequent discussions, conduct polls, group your network, if necessary, motivate them to actively take part in decision making. The possibilities are limitless. Just do not let the place run dry!
I provide consulting, development and graphic design services to individuals and business owners to create their own social networking site.